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About Lovoteka

Lovoteka is operated by Lovoteka Trading Limited, a company registered in Croatia at Zagreb, Centar, 10 000. Lovoteka has designated a Data Protection Officer and they can be reached by emailing info@lovoteka.com or by post at the address above.

Who we are
Lovoteka is a great place to meet fun new people in your area and around the world. It’s packed with exciting users who want to chat, maybe even meet up, and share experiences, interests and friendship. We bring social networking to life by allowing you to chat, make new friends, share photos, maybe even date. You can also tell people about your interests and who you are, and play fun games that let you meet new people. You never know who you’ll find on Lovoteka.
How does Lovoteka work?
Lovoteka is designed to be as intuitive as possible, but don't worry, we know that you might need a little help when learning your way round! When you sign up for the first time please make sure that you add a good photo of yourself and write a little bit about you to show other users who you are. As soon as you have created your profile you can check out Encounters , which is at the very heart of Lovoteka. Simply vote Yes and No for other members and should both of you like each other you will have a match and you can start chatting ! Make sure that you have the correct settings for your 'I'm here to'. People Nearby is the section where you can browse users in your city or region. Lovoteka is free to use but if you want to stand out from the crowd go and check out our premium services such as credits and Lovoteka Premium.

Enjoy using Lovoteka!

Are there any rules?
Only a few. First of all, play nice. We want you to feel comfortable and express yourself, but if other users complain that you’re rude, pushy or threatening, we’ll take it very seriously. Also, any content you upload to your Lovoteka profile must comply with our terms and conditions and not break copyright. If you upload violent or otherwise offensive material, we’ll delete it and we may ban you from Lovoteka.
How much does it cost??
Lovoteka is completely free to join! This lets you create a profile, upload photos and videos of you, look for new people in your area and chat to new people every day. If you want to get even more from your Lovoteka experience, you can use our premium features to get attention and meet more people. Just click on the features that interest you, such as Rise Up , Spotlight or Lovoteka Premium to see terms and costs.
What is Encounters?
Encounters is at the core of the Lovoteka experience. We show you photos of users who match your interests, and you decide if you want to meet them. Just set your search criteria , flick through your choices and see who you like. You can increase how often you appear in Encounters when other Lovoteka users are looking at it. Just get some Extra shows and watch your popularity rise.
People Nearby and Search
The People Nearby section of Lovoteka shows you users in your area and other cities, while search lets you find people according to your own interests.
Lovoteka Premium
Lovoteka Premium helps you to get noticed and meet new people quickly. These extra features boost your options when chatting, finding new people, sharing photos and videos and having fun.

What features do I have access to when using Lovoteka Premium?

Premium includes a range of extra features that basic users don’t have, to give you an edge:

Liked you: see who voted ‘Yes’ to you in Encounters

Invisible Mode: browse Lovoteka without anyone seeing you

Undo last vote: be able to undo your 'No' votes in Encounters

Added you as Favourite: see who likes you the most

Chat to popular users: get direct access to the most popular people on Lovoteka

Be the first to contact new people: chat with people from the moment they join Lovoteka

Highlight your message: have your messages read first by all your contacts


Lovoteka is free to join and the perfect place to chat, find new people, upload photos and videos, play Encounters and have fun. We offer premium features such as Rise Up and Get Featured to help you attract even more attention. You buy these using Lovoteka credits.

What are Lovoteka credits?

Lovoteka credits help you get attention, simple as that. With credits you can Rise Up in search results, use our 'Spotlight' service, get more displays in Encounters and more.

How many credits can I buy?

You can buy 500, 1000, or 2500 credits at a time.

What is a gift and how can I send one?

You can send a gift to someone to show that you like them. To do it, just go to their profile page and click 'Grab his/her attention with a gift!'. Alternatively, you can do it directly from Chat by clicking on the gift icon . Choose from the gifts available and make someone’s day! You can also make sure "Private?" box is ticked to have your gift hidden from everyone apart from the person who received it.